2018 British Parking Awards Categories

Winners of the 2018 British Parking Awards

Best New Car Park

Sponsored by: 3C Payment

This site-specific award recognises outstanding car park design. It is open to local authority and private car park operators, owners, architects, developers and construction companies. Car parks entered may be multi-storey, underground, surface or park & ride sites.

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Best Car Park Refurbishment

This category is open to local authorities, private operators and key contractors working together to produce an outstanding reimagining of an existing multi-storey, underground or surface car park. Projects should create clean, bright, well signed, safe and structurally sound facilities. They should be aesthetically pleasing and safe gateways to destinations such as town centres, airports, rail stations, retail developments and leisure facilities.

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Exceptional Parking Experience

Sponsored by: The Safer Parking Scheme

This award will be presented to the parking organisation that best demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent driver experience through exceptional customer service, active site management, high quality design and an overall attention to detail.

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The Front Line Award

Sponsored by: PayByPhone

Parking can be a challenging profession. This award is dedicated to parking personnel who engage with drivers and the general public as a part of their day-to-day activities. This award will recognise excellent customer service, communication skills and community engagement. It also recognises staff working in roles that keep parking operations running. It is open to individuals or teams of civil enforcement officers, parking attendants, parking shop personnel, park & ride drivers and call centre staff as well as engineers, technicians and maintenance staff. 


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The Intelligent Parking Award

Sponsored by: Alpha Parking

The Intelligent Parking Award recognises smarter approaches to the planning and management of parking. The jury are looking for examples of 'joined-up' or lateral thinking which delivers solutions to parking needs or problems. The solutions may be ones applied to either on-street or off-street parking. They may address issues such as: catering for excessive demand for parking at a site or destination; balancing the parking needs of different user groups; overcoming parking fraud; improving road safety; making a site or service more environmentally-friendly, etc.

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Parking in the Community Award

Sponsored by: The International Parking Community

Parking is an essential public service and can be a positive contributor to local communities. This award will recognise people working within the parking sector who have engaged with and supported their local communities. It is open to: community engagement programmes; projects that see car parks become focal points of community activity; fund-raising initiatives, etc.


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The Parking Innovation Award

Sponsored by: Makers Construction

The Parking Innovation Award recognises advances in the technology of parking. The innovation may be a new piece of parking hardware or a digital solution, such as software or online service. The innovation should be truly transformational, representing a significant advance on existing solutions.

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Parking Partnerships Award

Sponsored by: PayPal

This award recognises the importance of partnership working in the parking sector. The award seeks to recognise partnerships that are deeper and more ambitious than a conventional term contract.


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Parking Person of the Year

Sponsored by: RingGo

This award is open to all local authorities and private operators that may nominate an individual parking employee who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence'. 

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Parking Team of the Year

Sponsored by: Phoenix

This award is open to teams working for either a local authority or for a private sector organisation. The award recognises the work of both on and off-street parking operations, as well as back office/support services (including IT, press, marketing, maintenance and service departments).

Phoenix Commercial

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Young Parking Professional Award

Sponsored by: USL StructureCare & Pitchmastic PmB

This award recognises the rising stars of parking, people aged between 18 and 29 who represent the talent of the future. It is open to all local authorities and private operators to nominate an individual parking employee, consultant or contractor who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to their team and the wider parking sector. Candidates should be no older than 29-years-old on 1 April 2018.

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Communication Award

Sponsored by Dukes Bailiffs

This new award recognises imaginative, engaging and informative approaches adopted by parking organisations to communicating with the public and other organisations. Entries may relate to marketing campaigns, public information or public consultations undertaken by both the public and private sector. 

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The Parking Matters Prize

Presented by: Parking Matters

Parking is an essential urban service without which towns and cities would cease to function. The award will be presented to a person, organisation or project in the UK or internationally that is fundamentally rethinking and reinventing the way in which parking is planned, designed, provided, experienced and marketed.

Recipient: CCV

The recipient is selected by Parking Review magazine in consultation with Parking Matters, a leading consultancy in the world of parking with whom we produce the annual Parking & Property conference.


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Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by: The British Parking Association

This special award recognises a parking professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the sector. The candidates will be based on nominations from within the parking sector. Parking organisations and professionals are invited to nominate an individual who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence' across their entire career.

Helen Crozier

Manny Rasores de Toro

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Created and presented by Parking Review magazine, the British Parking Awards are an independent competition. In their 17th year, the awards recognised the leading examples of car park management, enforcement, design and team work.

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9 March 2018
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