British Parking Awards 2017

The Intelligent Parking Award

Sponsored by Alpha Parking

This award is for operators, system developers and other organisations that have developed and implemented innovative or smarter approaches to parking management. The innovation may be take the form of: a step-change in parking technology; a digital solution, such as software or online service; or a radically different approach to providing a parking service.

The innovation should be truly transformational, representing a significant advance on existing solutions.

The judges are looking for evidence of application in the real world, with added weight being given where tangible evidence and references are provided.

The criteria:
The entry should cover:

  • Description of the parking problem or need that the innovation addresses

  • The extent to which these objectives have been or are being met by the concept, system or service

  • The extent to which the concept, system or service is genuinely new

  • The technical, operational and/or policy merit of concept, system or service

  • Deliverability of the innovation (including the practicalities and affordability of the concept, system or service)

  • The individual or team responsible for delivering the solution

  • The development and testing/proving process

  • The degree of partnership with other interested bodies (clients, government, industry, public bodies, peers within parking, etc)

  • Evidence of successful implementation and customer/client feedback (case studies)

  • Ways in which the idea has/can applied in the wider parking sector.


Please supply:

  1. Images

  2. Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  3. Press cuttings/Links to websites

  4. Details of other awards won.

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The British Parking Awards were launched in 2002 by Parking Review magazine

Friday 10 March 2017

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British Parking Awards 2017