British Parking Awards 2017

Parking in the Community Award

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Parking is an essential public service and can be a positive contributor to local communities. This award will recognise people working within the parking sector who have engaged with and supported their local communities. 

It is open to: community engagement programmes; projects that see car parks become focal points of community activity; fund-raising initiatives; etc.

Entries could, for example, be:

  • Site specific services and initiatives that benefit a local community, charity and/or users with specific needs

  • Public outreach and engagement campaigns aimed at improving road safety, accessibility or community values

  • Charitable fund-raising initiatives involving individual parking staff, teams or organisations which make a positive contribution to good causes at either a local or national level (but not just parking companies donating cash).


The criteria:
The judges will be looking for the following: 

  • Working for and with a wider community

  • Innovative thinking in the preparation, publicising, undertaking project/initiative

  • Degree of success in achieving goal, making changes, improvements, etc

  • Public profile achieved for the project or cause.


The following areas should be addressed:

  • Description of the community engagement projects or tasks undertaken

  • The inspiration for the project

  • Details of the individuals or team involved in the project

  • How this project complements or enhances the parking personnel's lives

  • What, if any, parking skills are applied to the community project

  • How the community engagement enhances the image of parking

  • How the positive aspects of the project is publicised (if appropriate).


Please supply:

  • Images

  • Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  • Press cuttings/Links to websites

  • Details of other awards won.

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The British Parking Awards were launched in 2002 by Parking Review magazine

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British Parking Awards 2017