British Parking Awards 2016

Parking Advocacy Award

This award recognises an individual, group or organisation that has made a significant contribution to improving parking through campaigning, writing, lobbying and other works. The recipient may be from within the parking sector or represent the interests of either motorists in general or specific groups of car park users.

This award is open to all local authorities and private operators that may nominate an individual parking employee who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence'. 

The criteria:
The entry should include detail of:

  • Name and role of candidate

  • Career history

  • Testimonials and references

  • Training, awards and honours

  • Publications, public engagements, etc

  • Professional and personal achievements.


The judges will be looking for the following: 

  • A clear commitment to working either in parking as a career or, as a campaigner, policy maker or individual whose work has influenced parking policy and/or the design, management or planning of parking.

  • Clear objectives and aims

  • Tangible achievements

  • Recognition by peers, colleagues, the media, etc

  • High level of respect amongst colleagues, partners, professional bodies, etc.


Please supply:

  • Images

  • Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  • Press cuttings/Links to websites

  • Details of other awards won.

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The British Parking Awards were launched in 2002 by Parking Review magazine

Friday 4 March 2016

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British Parking Awards 2016